Travel for me has a lot to do with Food

One of my favorite reasons to travel is trying the local food. In Buenos Aires, with the unofficial exchange rate, gourmet meals are much more affordable than in the U.S.

Buenos Aires

Without a beat, most people I asked recommended steak in Argentina. After all, Argentina exports a lot of cattle. And so I had delicious steak, more beef than I usually consume. After a few days, it was enough steak for at least six months. Thankfully, I also found delectable Italian and Japanese food in Buenos Aires as well. 


Lima is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Its culinary food scene is vibrant with mouthwatering ceviche, lomo saltado, nikkei cuisine, and much more. Luckily, I was able to get a taste of it at some nice restaurants like Maido, Astrid y Gaston and Osaka. 

Chocolate heaven: 

I used to believe Belgium or Swiss chocolates reign supreme. However, after some tasty education, I’ve come to appreciate artisanal Peruvian chocolate much more. My favorite thing is the fact that all the Peruvian chocolate I get has two or three ingredients: cacao mass and/or cacao butter and sugar/panela. That’s it. Even though a fruity or nutty note may come through, that’s all from the excellent cacao beans indigenous to Peru. These artisanal Peruvian chocolates speak to the essence of less is more.

Alpaca + Cuy:

I tried meats outside of the norm in the Sacred Valley: alpaca and cuy (guinea pigs). Both these animals grow well and proliferate in the mountainous region. The alpacas were delicious, especially the chicharron de alpaca at the top of Rainbow Mountain after a strenuous hike. The cuy was delicious too, but it’s a bit harder when I can see its barbecued head. 

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